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In a world exploding with data, one of the most efficient ways to gain a competitive advantage and make effective decisions is to simply use the data you already collect. You can't do that without a comprehensive reporting solution. Many of our clients have a cadre of staff that can complete ninety percent of their firm's reports but can really benefit from our assistance for a small number of very complex reports. Others have tried building out reporting systems using tools that aren't appropriate for the enterprise and need to convert to a more comprehensive solution. Occasionally we even find customers that wish to outsource all reporting to us. Whatever the case, we have the staff and expertise to offer any level of support you may require.


Performance Management practice can help you create, track and improve upon the key measures that drive your organization's success. PM solutions can be rapidly implemented as a layer over an existing data warehouse. The ultimate level of PM is realized when organizations are able to tie individual employee performance to performance metrics. Creating a tight integration between employees and your corporate metrics can empower everyone in the organization to know what they need to do to succeed. Wherever you are on the PM continuum, we have the wisdom, the knowledge and the vision to take your PM solution to the next level.


BI Solutions provides end to end reporting solutions for clients both large and small. We have the ability to work within a range of database environments, from multi-terabyte Oracle or Teradata warehouses to client based MS Access databases. We can use a customer’s existing reporting tools or we can start from the ground up and implement a Cognos BI solution.


We understand how to help small, midsize and enterprise clients improve their business process through smart design, selection of technology, and straight-forward implementations - on premise and in the cloud. Our range of project sizes demonstrates our commitment at all levels. From smaller projects that have very limited budgets to complex systems where we work with clients across their entire enterprise, we closely align the demands and requirements of our clients with our delivery teams to ensure that in the end we have met their specific criteria for success. A Strafford implementation will be a scalable, simple and well integrated solution that will provide the user with a flexible and rich platform for analysis and reporting. Strafford will ensure that the solution is highly adopted by all the users; and that it can be easily maintained and supported by the finance team. Our “Front to Back” project approach and iterative methodology are two key factors that allow us to attain 100% user adoption and bring projects in on time and budget. Our implementation methodology guidelines are built upon: New Business Process Design Prototyping and Early Application Build Multi-phase, Iterative/Spiral Approach Business User Engagement - 100% adoption Knowledge Transfer/Mentoring of Client Staff


We have instituted a "POC" initiative. After an initial on-site visit we will assess your needs, return to our corporate offices and tailor a demonstration proposal intended to prove our capabilities. If this proposal is agreeable to you, for a nominal fee we will utilize our own personnel, hardware and software environment to develop a proof of concept (POC). The intent of the POC is to share the idea of what is possible in your environment. Our goal is to provide a comfort level with our capabilities and the best soultion possible. If the solution is convincing enough, we can work on a longer term commitment to your firm.

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